Fuck Town

Fuck Town: Cleaning Services

No matter exactly what job you are working in Fuck Town - at the close of the day that you willl have hook-up anyway! So now you will be enjoying guy named Calvin. Calvin works for cleaning company and today he's on the way to the Mallory's location - she's arranged cleaning service in her appartment. She appears to dropped lonely tody and as you will be working do not forget to provide her some compliments - it will indicate that once you done you'll be rewarded not just with money! And making compliments is a huge part of this game - you'll need to select one right of 2 options to make Mallory to sense herself hot and desireable - just choose one of her body area. There will be ten of busy body regions - and after you will take care of them all it will likely probably be Mallory's turn to care for your boner...

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Fuck Town: Casting Adele

Busty blonde came to your workplace. She read an ad in the local paper which you need an agent for the selling of makeup. However, as it turned out, the statement was a mistake. You're looking for a photo model. The blond wants to depart, however, 200 dollars make her change her head. Furthermore, she enables you to take her image downright naked. Look at bronze skin, her stunning tits and a stunning smile. She is the model that you're looking for. We need to continue the projecting. Let's assess her orbs. They're saline or natural. You come closer and start massaging her tits. It seems that they are organic... We shall continue the casting. A duo of tips - use the dialogue options that are ideal that the dame would not leave the office.

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