As you have very likely already guessed from the title of this game you're likely to train slavegirl. And to do this you will find plenty of options. From the very evident ones like switching her loosk and garments into the set of skills you want your own fresh slavegirl to learn (he-he). Additionally there will be some fun additions like the choice of how exactly this woman should call you and herself when she is talking to you. There'll be some activities that you can sign up your slavegirl to depending on what abilities she has for the moment. The more cash she will earn the more new features you will get to use. Some simulation elements are also added to the process but nothing really hardcore - everything is controlled through a bunch of menus and menus. Play now »

La B̻te РVersion 6 Рhtml5 test

-THIS IS AN INFERIOR/POSSIBLY BROKEN TEST VERSION OF THE GAME- This variant has badly lower resolution and can be indeed shaky so that it can play on browsers. If it is possible, please get the offline full version here for free-for-all: This can be a large update! Examine the connection if if you want to find the chanlog. If You'd like a commission Which Will be put in the game, support the growth or follow my progress, you can check out: Commission: Patreon: Twitter: Play now »