Castellum Res Venereae 4

Another part of a interactive flash game in which you can help a youthfull adventurer to break away to freedom. This time you will have the chance to explore the historical labyrinth. So very first, go to the torso to choose the sword. Use the arrow keys to stir and the space bar to be the blade. Then stir to a different level. There you will meet with your very first enemies. Slay the ogres with your own sword. Be careful. The labyrinth is total of traps and creatures. If you're captured by ogres, you will be banged by force. The exact same will occur if you encounter a trap. Be careful and avoid traps. The labyrinth will grow more difficult with every fresh level, however you must not give up. Your aim is to assist the lady escape out of the labyrinth and stay alive. So let us start the adventure now. Play now »