Horny Canyon: Zombies

The world was devastated by a nuclear war that ravaged the globe and a post-apocalyptic future came into being. The thing that is particularly shocking is that zombies have appeared. They are horrible creatures driven by their natural tendencies. A few have survived to avoid extinction. This sex-themed computer game will tell you the story of one girl who survived this strange world. After being attacked by mob of zombies, she comes across water in an abandoned mill. In addition to her luck, there was another survivor. It's you. Adult male takes out the zombies using a baseball weapon. She is eager to show many thanks. She removes her clothes. Wow. This girl has an attractive figure and massive tits. The woman begins to suction your tummy, then she begins to wiggle her legs. After a few minutes, she will suck you into her pink pussy. You decide how you'd like this captivating story to end immediately. Play now »